trust, surrender

"trust, surrender" by joy gloria liu

Mixed media piece created for the PROKR8 show, opening First Friday @ Somär [1727 Telegraph Ave / Oakland].

Come by to see it up close and see if you can make any sense out of it.

more on the show

Each of 18 artists was given a slab of wood and the idea “procreate” to run with. We were also asked to share some words / thoughts on the process, and our take on procreation… here’s what spilled out:

and disclaimer: i’m a visual artist not a poet. just sayin.

building and destroying
a love \ hate process
a constant shifting
a familiar restlessness
clinging and suspension in layers
getting lost and found,

it’s therapy
a punching bag,
chalk and grit
blood and sand,
charcoal, gold dust,
and spilled ink.
it’s my ex-‘s doubt
and his fist.
generations of ancestors
smirking in their graves.
it’s that idiot who never called
it’s them, lookin at me sideways
casting epic narrative wagers across my back
never thinking that maybe
i’m just shy, and sure
i’ve got issues
just like everyone else
and they are just as profane
and no less sacred than yours.

pro-creation happens in these dark hours.
in the shadows of dissatisfaction.

once in awhile —
i breathe, listen, pause
reflect, forgive, stay open
— trust, surrender —
and in those few moments of peace,
the drive to create dissipates.
somewhere between gasping, stretching,
sinking, and the exhale,
it’s gone.
the desire and the craving,
replaced by clarity and compassion.
but mostly, we struggle.
whether mindfully with insight,
or furiously and clenched.
leaving tracks behind,
in wood, in ink, in metal, in paper.
the process comes from all the struggle,
reminds me of
 my weakness, 
my flaw,
my impatience, and imperfection,
and the courage to step up to meet it
over and over again.