I’ve figured that I need at least 36 hours to plow through the self-doubt and walls of hater before I can even start to get at anything sincere in the studio.  A week without the interwebs, phone, clients, and deadlines does wonders.  In the first full day, I produce a mountain of bullshit weighed down with stupid self-absorbed “is it meaningful” questions, and then by day three some tiny spark-le emerges from the flotsam that I can work with.  When people look at a “simple” work of art, they usually think “I could have done that” or “i could make that in 10 minutes” — what they don’t account for are the hours of thought, emotion, doubt, courage, funk, creation, erasure, destruction and regeneration that never make it to the canvas or what have you.

Anyway.  In 2012 I’m going to try to figure out how to wing the 3-week work month.