kali durga

“Don’t worry about throwing things away. In fact, you’re ultimately going to have to throw all of them away except for one.  Designers recognize this as the destructive aspect of the creative process; it’s a good thing.”

– Nancy Duarte, on sketching

Create, destroy, create, destroy.

By the end of it, what we get seems more like an echo or evaporating respiration than any sure or concrete expression. Maybe like if you’re lucky, you can look up at the night sky and see the milky way and marvel wordlessly knowing that what you’re seeing is the visual echo of what a star thousands and thousands of years ago looked like.  Or maybe it’s just that when I think of the creative process that way, with a romanticized macro lens, it alleviates the pressure I put on myself to come up with a brilliant idea or concept. Knowing that, light years later, you and your work are probably not going to be anything like it is now. One TA at Mills used to say, “sometimes, it’s your favorite part that you have to let go”. In the attempts to create there’s so much synthesis to sift through, a sometimes turbulent leaving behind of borrowed ideas, inherited biases, old tricks and habits, all kinds of letting go. In the midst of it, especially when your ego is all in the driver’s seat, it can be so frustrating.  When you’re able to reach this alchemical balance of clarity and get out of your way… that’s some good shit.